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Download the free ICOON for refugees app at Google Play.

ICOON for refugees helps refugees to communicate with the people helping them. A non-verbal, universal language guide with 1,200 symbols and photos overcomes language barriers. The pictures help when you don’t know the right words. Whether you want to describe clothing, food or illnesses: just point to a picture and everyone will understand immediately. ICOON speaks the world’s clearest language: pictures. In addition to the app, the language guide is available as a compact visual dictionary.

This special digital version offers a selection of the most important symbols from the ICOON for refugees book.

* Over 1,200 symbols in 12 categories
* Categories translated in several languages
* Works in every country in any language
* Life-saving symbols for emergencies
* World and continent maps

* Clothing
* Hygiene
* Health
* Money
* Leisure
* Accommodation
* Authorities
* Travel
* Measurements
* People
* Food
* World

Thanks to Sprylab technologies for making this app possible.


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