ICOON for refugees helps refugees and helpers communicate. A simple book with 1,200 symbols and photos can overcome any language barrier. It uses pictures when words fail. With this non-profit book-project, we would like to make communication easier and provide as many free books as possible to helpers and helping organisations. For every euro you donate we print one book. This help already financed an additional free android app which is available for download on Google play.

More than 1.200 useful icons and photos
Questions, answers and statements in German, English, French, Arabic, Farsi and Urdu
12 categories
52 pages
Simple index
World-, Europe- and Germany-maps
Foil-coated soft-wrapper
ISBN: 978-3-9809655-5-2


The successful crowdfunding-campaign at Startnext.com allowed a first edition of 30,000 books. Today, you can still support the project’s next editions:

Your 20 euro allow the production of 20 books. The twentieth book will be sent to you as a reward, 19 of them will be distributed to the Red Cross, aid organizations and volunteers throughout Europe. The books are a non-profit project and not available in bookstores.