ICOON for kids

HALLO! Our new cheerful ICOON for kids-poster for refugee children is ready! Discover the world and German language with our colorful symbols, showing lots of useful items for school, living, eating or playing together with the German description. The A1 poster is made for pre-school and school children up to age 10, intending to build positive bridges through presenting items which the children already know from home and also can find in their new surrounding. It was created in cooperation with ABWAB – the first arabic newspaper in Germany – and the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation. The poster is FREE and can be ordered directly at the foundation calling +49-(0)22 41/24 60

3. edition of 15.000 ICOON for refugees books printed

3. edition of the ICOON for refugees picture dictionary

We are very happy about your ongoing interest in our aid-project: the „ICOON for refugees picture dictionary“. Your great engagement, initaitive and drive also enabled our small team to print the new 3. edition of 15.000 books. 10.000 new books are already donated to refugees and aid-organisations. Should you be in need of new books, we are very happy about your message!

We are proud to say, that your work and the help of so many great and small supporters made a current total edition of  65.000 ICOON for refugees books since November 2015 possible. Thank you so much for your support!
All the very best!
Your ICOON-team

ICOON helps in the refugees crisis

icoon communicator for travellers

In recent weeks, we have received an increasing number of enquiries every day from aid organisations, asking if they, in their (communication) crisis, may distribute our ICOON book, which was originally designed for tourists in 2007 (www.icoon.eu), to refugees for free. We are able to provide a number of free copies, but cannot absorb the cost of printing the large number of books that is now so urgently required. The book must still be adapted to the needs of refugees to include symbols specific to their special situation. Next step for us will be to make a special version: ICOON for refugees.