Out now and almost all distributed :)

We are very happy that almost 50,000 picture dictionaries were sent free of charge to 83 addresses in Germany and Poland within a few days. Volunteers, aid organizations and initiatives who need the books can contact us via email info[at]amberpress.eu to get free books as long as stocks last. And again a big thank you to all our partners and supporters! 

Printing of the new edition for Ukraine: 50,000 books!

50,000 picture dictionaries are ready next week :)) Mineral oil-free and cobalt-free inks on 100% recycled Leipa paper produced in an energy- and water-saving process. The film laminating is biodegradable.
A big thank you to all our partners and supporters! 🙏🏽❤️
Leipa Group
Landkreis Aurich
Deutsche Employer Branding Akademie
Dr. Becker Klinikgruppe
Dr. Hoelter
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4th edition of ICOON for refugees

Working on a new edition of ICOON for refugees for Ukraine: picture dictionaries as communication aids for refugees and their helpers. We need your financial support to print 30,000 of the books and distribute them! As a thank you we print your company logo in the list of our supporters directly in the book. Please share and support the project! PM: info[at]amberpress.eu

ICOON for kids & families

We sing together!
Our Follow-up to the first „ICOON for kids“ poster is ready.

The materials are aimed at all young parents and children (of kindergarten and primary school age) who live in Germany and love to sing; the poster shows three German and one Syrian song: lyrics, sheet music, dance instructions, songs & melodies in playback can be printed out online.
The cross-cultural themes that live in the songs become visible, such as the love of colours, the joy of human creativity, the moon as an object of admiration or popular animals such as donkeys and sheep.

Here you find it:

Empathy now! Design exhibition

ICOON for refugees ist part of the Design exhibition „Empathy, now!“ at Gallery Design BWA Wroclaw until 6.10.2018
Empathic design versus the great adversities of the modern world. Empathic design is rightly recognized as one of the most important contemporary design disciplines. The ability to observe consumers and look at the world from their perspective leads to the creation of products that respond to their needs, which gives the products themselves a better chance of market success.

ICOON for refugees @ GRIMMWELT Museum Kassel

Arriving, unpacking, getting to know others and taking part – that is what you need to do in new surroundings so that you can feel at home, no longer an outsider.
In cooperation with the GRIMMWELT Kassel Museum we created didactic materials for an integration project and multimedia box which help people to communicate with each other.
About 400 refugees from 16 countries together with German citizens, translators for 13 languages and international artists contributed to the project.
The project is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

Exhibition „UNBOXING“ at GRIMMWELT Museum Kassel 30.8. – 13.1.2019

The entire material will be available as a free download:


Double-Winner German Design Award 2018

Our non-profit communication help ICOON for refugees won the German Design Award 2018 in two categories: Excellent Communication Design/Editorial & Universal Design. Amongst others, 43 international experts from Germany, UK, Hongkong, Italy, China, USA, Turkey and Sweden, chose our picture dictionary  out of 5.000 submissions for this prestigious award. The German Design Council dedicates this prize since 2012 to works, which convince in creative, aesthetical and sustainable aspects. We are very honoured and say many many thanks to everybody who supported this non-profit project in the last two years, making 60.000 books, the mobile app and universal communication for refugees and their helpers worldwide possible.

Nomination for German Design Award 2018

ICOON for refugees was nominated for the German Design Award. We are honoured to be running for this prestigious price in two categories: Excellent Communication Design/Editorial and Universal Design. The clear and cross-cultural design, specific symbols designed according to the particular refugee situation and the non-profit character of the book, convinced the German Design Council to allow us entering the contest. Press your thumbs for us!

Your ICOON for refugees team.

ICOON for refugees @ Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam


Dear friends,

we are very proud to announce, that ICOON for refugees will be presented in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam from May, 20th – Sept, 3 2017. The exhibition „Solution or Utopia? Design for refugees“ presents over 50 recent initiatives designed to improve the temporary situations faced by refugees. From clothing that can double as a tent, over linkable plastic floor sections for temporary shelters to our communication book. All designers’ central challenge was to devise practical, real-life solutions. The exhibition Solution or Utopia? also includes a number of projects that were submitted for last year’s Refugee Challenge. This contest is organised by the annual What Design Can Do conference in Amsterdam, which encourages designers to come up with proposals aimed at improving the reception and integration of refugees. The competition is organised in partnership with UNHCR and the IKEA Foundation. Happy seeing you in Amsterdam!

Your ICOON for refugees team