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Great cooperation with The Paritätische welfare association and Henrich Druck+Medien: 50,000 free „ICOON first communication leaflets“ are delivered to German charitiy organisations to help, where help ist so much needed. Thanks to all making this possible!

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ICOON for refugees helps refugees communicate. A simple book with 1,000 symbols and photos can overcome any language barrier. It uses pictures when words fail. We would like to make communication easier when refugees and helpers meet and provide as many free books as possible to helpers and helping organisations. For every euro you donate we will print one book and make the free android app available for download.
Support our ICOON for refugees crowdfunding campaign! We believe, communication matters!

ICOON helps in the refugees crisis

icoon communicator for travellers

In recent weeks, we have received an increasing number of enquiries every day from aid organisations, asking if they, in their (communication) crisis, may distribute our ICOON book, which was originally designed for tourists in 2007 (, to refugees for free. We are able to provide a number of free copies, but cannot absorb the cost of printing the large number of books that is now so urgently required. The book must still be adapted to the needs of refugees to include symbols specific to their special situation. Next step for us will be to make a special version: ICOON for refugees.