A big THANK YOU to our great partners:

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The successful crowdfunding-campaign at in Winter 2015 allowed a first edition of 30,000 books. In February 2016 we printed additional 20,000 books. Today, you can still support the project’s next editions: Your 20 euro allow the production of 20 books. One book will be sent to you as a reward, 20 will be distributed to small and large aid organizations and volunteers throughout Europe. The books are a non-profit project and not available in bookstores.

If you are an aid-organisation, you can order the specific amount of books you need directly at our publishing house AMBERPRESS. For inquiries please contact us here.

Why would you support this project?
* The books provide quick and immediate assistance where it is needed most.
* Language and communication are fundamental needs. Without it, we cannot understand or be understood. And without the ability to communicate, refugees remain strangers, isolated and segregated. If communication and integration are important to you, then please support our project.
* We have no time to waste waiting for politics to make the right decisions. It’s the little things that make a big difference, and we have the power to shape our society and foster integration.
* We could find ourselves in a similar situation someday. How would we like to be treated then? We must treat people in need from a culture other than our own with the same kindness, respect and support we would like to receive if we were in their situation.

How will we use the money?  
One euro for one book – Each euro finances the production costs of one ICOON for refugees book.

We also want to attract supporters from industry, politics and society who are willing and able to provide longer term financial support to our ICOON for refugees non-profit initiative so that we may make it freely available to as many people as possible as long as possible. If you are interested in supporting a large number of books, please contact us here.

Who are the people behind the project?
A small international team headed by Gosia Warrink, author and designer of the ICOON picture dictionary. Gosia is designer and linguist, Katja Koeberlin is designer, Monika Pfau is art historian and was a refugee herself. In addition to our work with art and design, we are actively involved in refugee aid and know first hand just how important language is for successful integration. We believe that „Design is not only beautiful, it also has the power to move and change the world. We sincerely hope that we have infected you with our optimism and hope.“